Powder coating


Lentink has been powder coating materials over 25 years. The new powder coating machines placed in 2006 and 2010 uses the latest in powder coating developments with regard to environmental, quality and cost-effectiveness demands. The new machines allow us to powder coat large batches on a daily basis. The video shown here gives an impression of our automated powder coating process.


Automated degreasing


Many of our customers require their products to be degreased before delivery. Our automated degreasing machines thoroughly clean the products in an environmentally friendly manner.



Automated shot blasting


By using stainless steel shot peening with a 0,2 to 0,3 mm dimension, we can give stainless steel products a smooth surface. Shot blasting creates a light crystal effect resulting in an homogeneous surface.

Videos surface treatments

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Brushing / polishing

Lentink can polish or brush your products, giving a very fine effect to the stainless steel.

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