Our quality policy

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aimed for a zero defect production


Our quality assurance policy aims for a zero defect production. The quality assurance department has a modern testing facility for thorough quality testing.


Control system

aware of delivery of quality

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Within our production quality system, a control routine is used. Each and everyone within the organization is aware of the high standard of quality we deliver to our customers and each employee is made responsible for the quality of their work. Card, forms  and product identifications allow us (and the customer) to monitor quality checks throughout the process and pinpoint when deviations are found.


Training of employees

At Lentink b.v., the people within the organization are considered the most important factor of the production process. We regard ourselves as an ever learning organization where improvements, if possible, need to be made as soon as possible.





Employees are encouraged to think about improvements of the production processes (Kaizen) and to follow additional training and courses.


Our quality starts at our people! Doing as promised


Delivering as promised in an as short as possible time with as little base materials as possible. Lentink b.v. manufactures and delivers single sheet metal work and assembled metal work. At Lentink we use an integrated quality system which ensures quality regulations, health and safety regulations and environmental regulations to be part of the production processes. Quality is something that has to be embedded in the entire organization and its employees.




Starting with customer demands

Customer demands is where it all starts. Activities within Lentink b.v. are done according to the agreements communicated with the customers. We specify and implement our services based on these demands and continually analyse the performances to ensure we meet the demands set. This ensures a satisfied customer.








Annual evaluations on each process and customer satisfaction are made and customer profiles and production processes are adjusted when required.


Management system


The management system is the main guideline of the organization. Together with the efforts, knowledge and skills of the employees it ensures we deliver as promised, make profit and have eager and satisfied employees.


Our management system describes the organization and its processes and embeds the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 requirements.




Management representative

Management is responsible for correct following of the procedures as described in the management system and for a correct following of legal regulations. The Managing Director acts as the management representative. Administration tasks with regards to the management system are executed by the KAM coordinator.













The Managing Director has ensured all employees understand the goals and regulations set in the management system and have full capability to work as the management system describes.


Available resources

Management ensures that all employees have access to the required resources, such as training, materials, tools, work stations and communication equipment. It is for this reason that we chose to digitize the entire management system, making it available on each computer connected to the local computer network.


Meeting legal regulations

We care greatly about protecting the environment and our employees and are well aware of the risks our line of work imposes. Meeting legal regulations is one of the key values within the company.Management considers environmental and health & safety awareness among its employees as one of its most important tasks and encourages each employee to perform his or hers tasks in an environmental friendly and a safe manner. Personal and financial means required for meeting regulations are not spared. We particularly make our employees aware of energy saving, leakage prevention and waste separation.




Protecting the environment

Lentink b.v. commits itself to protect the environment. This commitment in practice means that we continuously choose for the best available technologies and resources to decrease our impact on the environment.


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 Our production lines and technologies continue to develop based on potential energy savings, reduction of base materials, recycling materials and planning improvements.


Continuous improvements


preferred quality


We strive to keep on improving our achievements with regards to our customers, employees, local residents and the environment.

Correcting and preventive measurements

Each employee of Lentink b.v. has the right and the responsibility to suggest improvements of production processes and safety and environmental issues.



Defining Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental goals


Current goals with regard to quality, health & safety and environment, are evaluated at least once a year, at the evaluation of the management system. Where required, goals and processes are updated. The goals are defined for each process, are set specific, measureable and are a dynamic part of the management system.


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