Our quality policy

Our quality policy is designed to produce according to the zero defect methodology. Our quality service is equipped with a Zeiss 3D CNC measuring machine.


Be aware of the quality to be delivered. In our production quality system, we have implemented control routine. Everyone working in our organization is quality conscious. Whit other words, everyone working at Lentink bears joint responsibility for the final result.

Identification on maps, forms and products, gives us, the customer and the suppliers, the ability to rectify (Traceability) in case of any quality defects.


The management ensures that all employees can have the necessary resources such as training, materials, tools, tools, workplace and communication equipment.The digital management system has been deliberately chosen. It is directly available on any computer connected within (and outside) our computer network.


Information and communication are an essential part of business management in all areas. Quality consciousness is experienced by knowing what you are doing, for who you are doing it, and why you do it.

The system is recorded in the Lentink quality manual. This is part of our comprehensive quality system.

The goal is to continuously achieve products with zero defects

educating our EMPLOYEES

We see ourselves as a “learning” organization. Lentink has the policy that the man in the organization is the most important factor in the production process. We see ourselves as a “learning” organization where improvements are made recorded and be entered immediately if possible.

By invidually thinking about how to improve our organization, our employees are taught to continuously bring up improvements in our current processes (Kaizen). Furthermore, Lentink encourages people to follow courses and theme days.


In a short time as possible, with less as possible  tools and raw materials, do what has been agreed. Lentink is a manufacturer and supplier of single and multiple sheet metal components, complex sheet metal parts and composites. Lentink has an integrated quality system. The policy is aimed at ensuring that care systems such as the quality system, the healthcare system and the environmental system are part of the process. Quality is not something of one official, but is anchored in the organization (all employees).


With everything we do, the customer’s wishes are central. We also review Lentink’s activities. The formulation of our customer requirements has been determined based on analysis of our communication with the same customers. From the realization of the wishes of our customers, we specify our services. Our management system has established working arrangements that ensure that we meet these requirements, with the aim of ensuring that our customers are satisfied and will remain. Every year, we evaluate our experiences regarding customer satisfaction and update our customer profile and our work processes where necessary.


ISO9001: 2015 – ISO14001: 2015 & CSR

The management system is the guiding principle in our organization, along with the commitment, knowledge and professionalism of our employees. It makes sure we do what we’ve agreed with the customer.

Our management system describes our organization and processes in which ISO standards are embedded.

MANAGEMENT REsponsibility

The management is responsible for the proper functioning of the company in accordance with the procedures in the management system and for proper compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our employees understand the objectives of our management system. Management is responsible for ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to work in accordance with the procedures described in the Lentink Management System.


The environment is very important to us. Protecting the environment from the side of Lentink belongs to our daily experience. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations are a basic value within our quality, occupational and environmental policies. The direction and management consider it one of its most important tasks in order to raise awareness of the staff and to keep their tasks and responsibilities with regards to the environment, safety and their personal daily health.

Every employee is made aware and encouraged to carry out his / her work in an environmentally responsible way. The human and financial resources required for the implementation of our environmental policy are also provided. In particular, we make our employees aware of energy saving, leakage prevention, spillage of (soil) substances and the separation of waste streams.


Lentink continuously develops and invests in new and existing production lines and techniques. Partly based on potential energy savings and consumption of raw materials through recycling and reuse and through proper production planning, we strive to maintain the environment.


We strive to continuously improve our performance over our customers, employees, residents, other stakeholders and the environment.

Corrective and preventive measures:

Every employee in Lentink has the right and the task of proposing proposals for the improvement of the work processes and safety and environmental performance.

LABOR CONDITIONS, quality and environmental LAW:

At least once a year, during an assessment of the operation of the management system, the management evaluates the current goals and formulates the new objectives and actions. We do this to improve our performance, relative to our customers and the environment. These objectives will be defined per process. The objectives are set in accordance with the SMART principle and can be considered as a dynamic part of our policy statement.





Project Management

Lentink takes care during each project for the project management from A till Z. From idea to sketch, from drawing to product implementation. During the project, the project team navigates to product design, processes, quality, planning and costs, with the best possible process-driven production strategy in favor of you as a customer. The team is […]

Tool & die maintenance

  Smaller dies which are required for the manufacturing of our customer’s products are designed and build in our own tool shop. Lentink also uses several pre-selected partners for large projects. We carefully monitor the development and production progress and ensure delivery times are as agreed with the customer. Machine maintenance is done by our […]

Bending and folding

We have several press brakes with working lengths  up to 4 meters and a maximal pressure force up to 350 Tons. One of CNC-press brakes is equipped with a robotic arm mounted on a 10 meter long traverse. This allows multiple process adaptations at the same time. The video shown here under gives an impression […]


One of the leading issues within Lentink is logistics. Reliable J.I.T. deliveries have become a daily routine. Supply and product flows are managed with our ERP system. Kanban, EDI and VMI are embedded within our production processes and allow great cost reductions for our customers. Our project team discusses and establishes the entire process from […]


As a final step in a production process we can offer the assembly of parts to create a semi-finished or finished product. This means our customers can get a product delivered directly at their factory, ready for further assembly or processing. Our system ensures daily “Just in Time” deliveries. This benefits our customers by decreasing […]

Surface treatments

POWDER COATING Lentink has been powder coating materials over more than 35 years. The new powder coating machines uses the latest technology in powder coating developments with regard to environmental, quality and cost-effectiveness demands. AUTOMATED DEGREASING Many of our customers require their products to be degreased before delivery. Our automated degreasing cabin lines thoroughly clean […]


drawing & forming As one of a few in the Netherlands, Lentink b.v. has six 400 Tons metal forming presses and three 700 Tons presses, most of which have drawing cushions. The key factor is their working bed of 3800 mm x 2200 mm. This allows us to place multiple tools underneath one press. This […]

sheet metal assembly

Lentink offers several assembly technologies, such as special built automated spot welding and clinching machines. We have clinched a wide range of products in the last 30 years, giving exceptional experience in the assembly techniques. The video shown here under gives an impression of our automated assembly processes.

Punch & Laser cutting

By using the latest developments in technology and maintenance, gives us the guarantee of the employabilit of our machines: quality, short transit times and low product costs. Our largest punching machine, which can handle sheets up to 3000 x 1500mm, can produce 24-hours a day with the use of an automated storage system. Furthermore, we […]

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