Hydraulic presses with drawing cushions


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drawing & forming

As one of a few in the Netherlands, Lentink b.v. has six 400 Tons metal forming presses and three 700 Tons presses, most of which have drawing cushions. The key factor is their working bed of 3800 mm x 2200 mm.

This allows us to place multiple tools underneath one press. This enables us to produce cost-effective production for our customers. Besides these presses, we have several hydraulic metal forming presses with drawing cushions, with pressure forces ranging from 100 Tons to 700 Tons.

ECCENTRIC & mechanic PRESSes

We have several eccentric presses, with pressing capabilities ranging from 80 to 400 Tons. Some of the eccentric presses are equipped with coil feeder lines.


Since 1997 we have been investing in automated processing systems (AP&T Robots), which allows us now to offer our customers a low cost per product.

Several of our presses are equipped with this automated processing system, allowing for 24-hour production processes. The maximal sheet dimensions are 1500mm x 1500mm. The video shown here gives an impression of our transfer processes.

COIL feed lines

Several presses in our machine park are equipped with a coil feed line, the largest has a coil wide of 1300mm.

The video shown here under gives you an impression of our transfer processes.

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