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Lentink is a very reliable Dutch company in Varsseveld. (Achterhoek / Gelderland)

Lentink is well known to international European companies as one of the largest and most innovative companies in the field of sheet metal processing.

The most common machining operations in the field of sheet metal  processing are part of our daily routine. Partly through 60 years of cooperation and experience in the heating industry, we have set our company so well that we are a leader in the European sheet metal processing industry.


Once established as a small independent company with only a few employees, in an old theatre of a former nuns monastery, the company has expanded ever more. At the time as a producer of oil heaters, wood-burning stoves and all-burners in order to include and supply gas-fired boilers in the portfolio in mid-1983, and to supply it to various renowned customers in Europe.

From Silvolde moved to Varsseveld, production sales rose rapidly from 1995 onwards. Investments were then made in presses with a compressive press force up to 700 Ton, which were completely robotically linked to each other by AP&T press automation. At the end of 2002, Lentink was fully transferred to Beltman investments.


In early 2006, Lentink (Ferropress) was bought back. It meant a whole new start for Lentink as an organization that met with a true metamorphosis. Solid investment to replace the old machine park was based on this.

Meanwhile, “it was necessary to remove old rubbish from the previous owner”. A total of eleven new presses were placed including a Beutler mechanical press with a capacity of 400 Ton.


From 2008, the Lean and 5S principle is in Lentink. Our fully automated presses, powder coat  and assembly lines serve as a benchmark for many metal sheet processing companies. The concept of Continuous Improvement is embedded in our people and processes. Continues annual investment in customer, human and machine gives us an important technical ahead on our direct competitors.


On December 1, 2014, Daniël Lentink acquired Lentink as an enterprise. Daniel is 100% owner (CEO) of Lentink effective from that date. Managing is not new to him, since early 2006, Daniel gained the necessary experience by running the daily direction of Lentink as a company.


The core activities consist out of pressing, deep drawing, deformation, punching, laser and bending of plate parts. Also included to our core business are plate assembly, powder coating and (final) assembly activities.


In Europe, Lentink is the largest supplier of CV boiler housing. Some of us are in this industry; the Bosch group, the BDR group, Vaillant, Remeha, Dietrich, Brötje, Baxi, Nefit, Atag and Buderus. Every day (more times a day) we deliver our products to our customers based on JIT, VMI, LAB or KanBan principles. Our current production revenue accounts for 49% of these industries, while the other segment includes consumer products, industry, agri, automotive, meat processing, transportation and greenery.


We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & CSR. A few times a year we are audited (internal and external). Our joint goal is to meet the quality standard daily to guarantee quality to our customers.


Our production is carried out by professional qualitative professionals. Due to the high level of automated production (smart manufacturing) we have been able to compete with neighboring countries for years.

The low cost we have achieved through our fully automated presses, robots, CNC clinch and point laser units, CNC-controlled powder coat and assembly lines that are designed on Lean and POKA-YOKE bases.


  • Deep drawing (up to 700 tons)
  • Cutting (up to 700 tons)
  • Forming
  • Bending Edges (4 Meter)
  • Laser cutting (fiber & CO2)
  • Punching (with scissors)
  • Cutting around  (Omera)
  • Plate assembly (Robot clinching / spot welding /   riveting)
  • Welding Tig / Mig / Mag
  • Montage
  • Powder coating

In addition, quality and quick realization of our customer wishes are the main targets


  • Advice (60 years of experience)
  • Logistics (including JIT, Kan-Ban, Warehouse)
  • Co-makership / Engineering (product, process and tool development)
  • Surface treatments
  • Monsters / Proto models (metal samples, rapid model / prototype, plastic models, incl. measurement report)
  • Internal tool maker (external tools, direct production capacity at our disposal)
  • Service / Aftersales