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Lentink on his way to paperless work

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lentink step by step towards paperless work.

Lentink has set itself the goal of switching from working with paper to digital working within the foreseeable future. Automatic processing of orders, invoice control and shopfloor have already led to various advantages within our organization.

Digital work has many advantages such as;

1. information becomes more accessible.

2. Information exchange (internal and external) becomes easier.

3. Sharing large amounts of information becomes easier.

4. Analyzing information becomes easier.

5. Digital working is better for the environment.

6. Digital information is easier to automate.

7. Digital working means less costs for copying and physical storage.

8. Digital information is easier to find.

9. Digital information is easier to store on different 'locations'.

10. Working digitally makes a company attractive for (young) employees, partners and possibly also customers.

Speed ​​and convenience
Especially the speed and the ease of information exchange is a big advantage. This not only has advantages for the entrepreneur and internally for the employees, but also for the easy exchange of information with third parties. Research shows that an enterprise makes on average: 19 copies of every paper document. By digitizing business processes it is possible to save on time. In addition, fewer mistakes are made

Control and links

In addition, it is easier to check things. Because information in the company is digitally available everywhere, it is easy for everyone to gain access to this (if access is granted). This creates the possibility of easier control. By linking data files or creating specific profiles, it is possible to better monitor performance of people, maschines and organizations. Once your documents are digitally available, you can get them to the right place more easily and quickly and you have access to your documents anywhere. If you link this to other (online) digital solutions, such as maschine controllers, process controllers and payment programs, then you are completely digital and you have your entire 'office' always and everywhere for anyone with access at hand.

Lentink is making every effort to integrate digitization into the work floor. Real -Time comes data such as; orders, planning and production results are available 24/7, anywhere in Lentink.

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Lentink op weg naar digitalisering 4.0