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2 nov. Lentink company party

Monday, July 29, 2019

Lentink corporate party 2019 at Preston Palace.

On November 2, another company party is planned for the employees and temporary employees of Lentink. This is organized by our management in collaboration with our staff association.

It has been decided to have the party take place at the all-in hotel Preston Palace in Almelo ( www.prestonpalace.nl ) . Preston Palace is a unique all-inclusive hotel and entertainment center with many facilities under one roof. Inside there are so many activities: There is a subtropical swimming paradise, an indoor fun fair, a game library with entertainment, relaxing game facilities, a party room with live music in the evening, a meeting center, a cinema, there is bowling, there is a indoor mini-golf course, an indoor fun fair, a luxury indoor pool, a karaoke bar, a ski hut, a brown café, a hall with live music, etc. etc. There are also various restaurants and bars serving a wide range of culinary delights. Whether it concerns one-day or multi-day packages, thanks to the comprehensive all-in concept, everyone can enjoy unlimited, carefree and optimal in Preston Palace.

Those who want to stay overnight can stay there until the following morning with a nice breakfast in the morning. And for those who don't want to spend the night, a bus returns home between one and two o'clock at night.

We are all going to make it a beautiful party again.

See you on November 2.