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The best wishes for 2020

Saturday, November 23, 2019



Dear people,

Like every year, we also take a moment at the end of the year to briefly review the past 12 months. It was just another exciting year as the last few years in which our organization has continued to develop and improve on a broad basis. We can be satisfied with the result that we all managed to achieve again this year, 2019.

We thank our existing and new customers for having trusted in Lentink for decades as a partner for supplying their beautiful products. We then thank our 135 colleagues, with whom we have again achieved the positive result of this year. Our special thanks also go to the colleagues who work selflessly throughout the year for matters such as organizing company outings or in-house emergency services. We also thank the colleagues we had to say goodbye to after years of loyal service at Lentink. They are going to enjoy their well-earned retirement. New colleagues have taken the place of this, but this is no longer so easy in technology today. Together as an organization we try to ensure that new colleagues feel very welcome within our team. That we are still looking for new colleagues speaks for itself in view of the vacancies on our Lentink site.

This year, the socially initiated company outings were very successful, such as the party evening at Preston Palace or the very successful weekend in Austria where we all enjoyed attending Formula 1.

We also see a positive increase in sales from the new customers that we have welcomed in recent years. Together with our existing customers, this gives us more stability as a company if in the future there were lesser times. In view of the upcoming Brexit and the market forces that respond to it, which is slowly but surely leading the world from a positive to a less positive development, we also take into account a possible declining turnover, partly as a result.

In this year too we have been able to realize new projects that will contribute to the necessary revenue for the coming years. Our existing revenue has remained fairly stable this year, but we expect a slight decrease for the coming years. Of course we will do our utmost, as far as we can, to have the turnover reach the same level or higher than in previous years. For 2020, there are various new projects from our customers that, in terms of production turnover for Lentink, must start in the following years.

Our company has state-of-the-art production techniques and standardized processes to achieve the highest possible quality and efficiency together with our technical staff. We have set ourselves the goal of placing even more focus on current environmental and occupational health and safety requirements. In addition, maintaining the quality of daily production requires our joint attention. Together as a team we must all ensure that our customers continue to receive top products from us.

The paperless working within our factory and the digitized manual of Lentink linked to it, fits nicely with the objectives set by us. Investments made to minimize the ever-increasing costs to the benefit of our customers. All of this with only one goal in mind, in order to be able to maintain employment and knowledge by being able to continue to produce cost-effectively in Varsseveld, that is one of our most important missions.

The new year 2020 is again full of new ideas that, together with the planned annual investments, will bring the necessary challenges.

We have also been able to introduce the Lentink app, which has been received as a nice gadget for everyone. We therefore assume that people can appreciate this and of course start using it. We wish everyone a lot of ease of use.

Lentink is a healthy company, bursting with energy with more than 60 years of experience. We are convinced that our extra service and the maximum unburdening of our customers are permanently appreciated.

The management thanks everyone who contributed to this successful year, the management of Lentink also wishes all its employees, customers and suppliers, a Merry Christmas and a happy and above all healthy 2020!


Daniël Lentink