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Our Cor retired

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Cor: whistling into retirement .....

On July 24, Cor last took his bicycle to work with us in Varsseveld. After a few days of vacation, the now 66-year-old Cor can start enjoying his well-earned pension from 1 August after years of effort at Lentink in Varsseveld.

Cor is originally from Dordrecht. His father's work brought him to these parts. As a 16 year old boy he started working at the company where his father also worked, the tin factory in Doesburg, part of Thomassen & Drijver. He would continue to work there for 31 years.

When Cor lost his job there as a result of a reorganization, Lentink became his new employer. It would stay there too. Especially in these times of job hoppers and flexibility a special fact. Cor started working with us on March 13, 2002. The first period through employment agency Randstad, from 1 August 2002 on the basis of a contract with us.

Cor has worked in the paint department over the past few years. The last few years as a handyman: from water suction to sweeping, from cleaning up to helping out when hanging hooks. We ask Cor and he does it dutifully. A clean environment is a very important item with regard to quality awareness for the people and products at Lentink. Cor contributed to this.

In recent years, he has always cycled on his bicycle from Doetinchem to Varsseveld: packed in winter, defying wind, snow and rain. A beautiful personal achievement that will certainly have contributed to his current vitality.

On his last working day, Cor was put in the spotlight appropriately by his colleagues and the management.

Cor also from this location: thank you for your efforts in the past 18 years for our organization. Now is the time to start enjoying your well-deserved retirement. You deserve it!