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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Uk and Ramadan 25 years at Lentink

At Lentink, the year 2021 has started well with pastries for everyone within our company. Not one but two jubilees celebrated their 25th anniversary on January 2 of this year. The fact that these are also two brothers makes this anniversary extra special.

On January 2, 1996, both Uk and Ramadan started to work at our company. Both worked at the Aalders machine factory in De Heurne. A takeover of a number of machines from Aalders by Lentink indirectly ensured that both gentlemen came to work at Lentink. They started together in the spot welding department of lentink and have worked in different places over the years.

Uk has been working in the paint shop for some time now, where he has become a permanent fixture. Uk thinks along, is willing to work overtime and is appreciated as a colleague by his colleagues. He thinks along with new ideas and is positively critical.

Ramadan has been working in the press brake department in recent years. Before that, he worked in the spot welding department, the press shop and the plate assembly. Over the years, he has performed a large number of different activities and has therefore become widely deployable within Lentink. Ramadan is always in good spirits, has a flexible attitude and is cheerful. He is also appreciated by his colleagues as a great colleague.

Uk and Ramadan, again from this place: On behalf of all your colleagues: thank you for your efforts over the past 25 years and we hope to be able to use your services for years to come!

It goes without saying that both gentlemen received an appropriate appreciation from the management!