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Rudie 25 years of technology

Thursday, April 1, 2021


Rudie has been keeping things running at Lentink for 25 years

On April 1 ........ 2021 we could once again celebrate a jubilee at Lentink. Rudie Wossink was employed for 25 years on this Thursday. This time we didn't celebrate with cake, but on request with a special cupcake for all Lentink employees.

Rudie started at Lentink in 1996 in the technical service department. At the time, it was a lot more difficult for an MTS employee to find a suitable job than it is now. Given the current market for technical people, that is almost impossible to imagine. But soon after obtaining his diploma, Rudie crossed the threshold for the first time at Lentink. For the first few months Rudie worked through the employment agency, but he was soon able to exchange this temporary employment contract for an employment contract at Lentink.

Over the years he has handled many machines: from maintenance and repair to complete new construction of machines. In all those years, the necessary adjustments, expansions and renovations have also taken place to the business premises. As a TD, Rudie was of course always involved in this. Rudie has recently developed into an all-round employable technical professional. Or as a colleague describes it: “He is there for us with a broad knowledge of technology. He stays calm, but he bites like a pit bull in the malfunctions he has to solve. And if it is also necessary to call on an external supplier for this, he will call until he has everything running again ”. Rudie is also often present at a Lentink company party or drink and he provides the necessary conviviality and atmosphere.

Today Rudie fulfills the position of Head of Technical Services at Lentink. Together with his team, he is responsible for technical maintenance within Lentink in the broadest sense of the word. His close colleagues clearly see him as a valuable colleague: “He is always there for you, can work hard, is always ready to help and he is there when needed. With a joke from time to time, he also ensures a good working atmosphere ”. And: "He is at the forefront when something needs to be done and in one way or another he always knows how to find a solution to a difficult problem".

His colleagues from his team rewarded this long employment and the involvement with his team with a festive beer package. Naturally, Rudie also received an appropriate appreciation from the management and we express the hope that he will be part of Lentink and his technical team for a long time to come.

Congratulations again Rudie!