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BHV training Lentink

Friday, April 30, 2021

Good weather for the emergency response training today,

was the general vote on Friday afternoon at the Lentink emergency response team. The emergency response training is one of the annual standard test and learning routines within Lentink as an organization.

On a class day like this, people are counseled by an external emergency response specialist regarding the available emergency response knowledge. On that day, a written and oral test will be taken to find out to what extent people are still aware of the Lentink BHV processes. In the presence of the emergency response specialist, our people practice methods such as resuscitation of a person (the doll), evacuating the business premises and extinguishing an oil fire in a specially designated (fire) container far outside the premises. is drawn up. The actual practice of extinguishing a fire per team member contributes to the in-house emergency response to feel confident if such a situation would arise “in real life”. Exercise is a very important part of this day. It can save lives.

Taking care of people after an accident is also an important practice part of that day. After an accident, a person must be properly cared for. Think of cuts and other injuries. Acting in the right way is also important here that this is carried out in a professional manner.

The team members are employees of Lentink who have volunteered and registered with great enthusiasm to be able to assist their other colleagues in the event of an emergency. The tasks that an emergency response officer has at Lentink include: Providing first aid in the event of accidents, fighting fire and limiting the consequences of the fire, alerting and evacuating all employees and other persons in the company in emergency situations, calling in professional help ( fire brigade, police, ambulance, etc.) and dealing with calamities with (environmentally) hazardous substances.

In compliance with the house rules that are in force within Lentink, this prescribes in the field of emergency response that emergency response officers must be able to act quickly and adequately in the event of calamities and must be trained accordingly. In addition, our people must receive regular training so that their knowledge and skills remain up to date.

This enthusiastic Lentink team consists of a mix of women and men. As Lentink, we are also pleased that a former firefighter is also part of this team. Many things are included in a routine, such as checking the first aid cabinets plus replenishing them and checking the fire extinguishers throughout the company. The fire (out) corridors are also checked with a fixed routine.


Lentink is proud of its emergency response team.