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eating a sandwich

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Eating a sandwich at Lentink because it's possible......

After months of restrictions by our government, the Netherlands has come to the point that "normal" life is becoming visible again. At Lentink, we have all succeeded in keeping production up and running for our customers as much as possible and that should be appreciated, says Daniël Lentink. "I speak to my people on a daily basis and I also show in the conversations that I am proud of them that we as a team succeed week in week out in continuing to deliver quality to our customers, on time in accordance with requests. idea to just show something of appreciation by again surprising my people with lunch. Last time it was received with great enthusiasm. Let's be honest, it's also nice to be able to eat fresh sandwiches and soup for your afternoon lunch And I also like it myself of course. The distribution of the food will of course still take place according to our corona test restrictions, but that's no problem. Just like last time, Restaurant De Radstake has neatly arranged and served everything and provided everyone with various delicious sandwiches In a few weeks I will also start everything again for our annual Lentink summer drink I hope we can have the summer drink with less restriction Please wait at the moment and if it is further released by our government, we will all have a relaxing summer holiday."