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Ecovadis Gold Rating 2022

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Despite the increased requirements, Lentink has achieved gold status at Ecovadis.

For the first time since the start of Ecovadis, Ecovadis has increased the points achievable per gradation this year. The points to be achieved are also weighted more heavily for each item. The medals won in previous years are therefore no longer in proportion to the medals to be won that will be awarded from this year. Because the points to be achieved per item have been valued to a higher level (number of points to be achieved per item), the total score to be achieved per level has also become higher. This has resulted in the fact that Lentink was unable to achieve the minimum score to achieve platinum with regard to previous years, except for three points, despite the higher number of points that Lentink earned per item and in total. We are therefore proud that despite the adjusted requirements by Ecovadis, we as an organization have again been able to achieve improvements this year with regard to items such as sustainability, CSR and business and management processes.

Why Ecovadis?

Years ago, the BDR group required its 6 largest preferred suppliers to be tested against Ecovadis' standards and values. A few years later, all other suppliers had to join Ecovadis. In this way, as a customer, you gain insight into the management and processes of your suppliers.

Methodology Ecovadis explained:

The EcoVadis sustainability assessment methodology is central to its Ratings and Scorecards and is an evaluation of how well Lentink has integrated the principles of sustainability/CSR into its business and management system. It is based on seven basic principles:

  • Assessment by international experts,
  • Tailor-made for sector, country and company size,
  • Diversification of information sources to ensure stakeholder input is varied enough for reliable scoring,
  • Using technology to ensure a secure and confidential process and accelerated cycle time,
  • Traceability and transparency of documentation,
  • Evidence based,
  • Excellence through constant improvement.

What is corporate social responsibility?

With corporate social responsibility (CSR) we take into account the consequences of our actions on people, the environment and society. Climate change, working conditions, aging; just a few terms that you could also associate with corporate social responsibility . Whatever you understand as a person by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the fact is that ultimately it is about taking responsibility for society as a company. By taking into account climate neutrality, circularity, inclusiveness and/or fair chains in activities and processes, a company is future-proof.

Examples of CSR at Lentink are:

  • Extra attention for good working conditions for our staff.
  • We operate sustainably, we save energy and use raw materials in a smart way.
  • When purchasing products and services in a socially responsible manner, we pay attention not only to the price, but also to the effects of purchasing on people and the environment.
  • We reduce CO₂ emissions where applicable.
  • We do business honestly. We do not abuse power through, for example, corruption (bribery or extortion).
  • We provide honest and clear information to customers.
  • We are involved in the community in which we operate.

The World Organization for Standardization (ISO) has drawn up ISO 26000, a 'Guidance on Social Responsibility'. This is a worldwide guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility. ISO 26000 lists seven core themes in the context of CSR.

The core themes are:

  • management of the organization;
  • human rights;
  • Working Conditions;
  • environment;
  • doing business honestly;
  • consumer affairs;
  • community involvement and development.

Continuous process.

Obviously, as in previous years, Lentink will continue to improve and automate its procedures and quality processes after achieving this "gold medal" result. The “always taking a step better” is embedded in our corporate culture.

Lentink consists of more than just making products for customers, it offers customers a supplier who completely unburdens their wishes with regard to the production and delivery of their product.

It goes without saying that our customers can appreciate the results achieved by our organization.