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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


In this project the reduction of sharp edges and / or sides is made prior by Bosch.

Together with our customers, we go through several unique projects in conceiving and creating every desired shape in sheet steel. Every project has new challenges and so is the current Bosch project. Today’s customer wants to avoid as many sharp edges as possible on his products. The avoidance of those sharp sides can be realized by different sheet metal methods.

When we are faced with projects in large series with regard to the phenomenon “no sharp edges to the product”, it is much easier to include the investments for saving sharp edges there. We inform the customer as far as possible in the design phase of the product, which technical options are available with regard to the desired technical specifications, by adjusting the design. In this way we try to keep the costs that the customer has in mind in terms of the pre-defined product requirements.

One of those obvious methods is powder coating, for example. By applying a layer of powder coating to the product, the sharp edges also get a powder layer, resulting in rounded edges on all sides of the product where the powder is applied. Applying a powder layer naturally entails extra costs. If the application of the product permits, one tries to minimize that paint where possible.

Other methods that can then be used, for example, to reduce sharp edges or remove them entirely are for example; coagulating the sharp cut edges and / or double folding of (side) sides. As a result, the risk of injury, such as cutting fingers with own production staff or installers, is zero.

Because these operations are included in the automated production process developed for the product in question, the costs for the customer are ultimately nil, for example, when coating the powder.

Creative innovation of products results in a unique product.

The following pictures show tools with the accompanying products in which the burr is pressed back (co-curved) on the cutting side, resulting from a cutting, cutting or punching operation.