Goods receipt

Goods receipt; The qualitative assessment of the purchase goods ordered upon delivery to Lentink.

Bennie Mellendijk has been working at Lentink in Varsseveld for 41 years

How did you end up at Lentink Benny?

Employees could recommend people to the boss and if they were subsequently hired, 150 guilders would be paid. I ended up at Lentink on the instructions of my uncle so he got 150 guilders by my name. I must report to the front desk and then I had to take a seat in the hall. Then the boss came to the office and said; what i came to do? I said i'm coming to apply. He said that he didn't needed me and didn't had time for me. Then I wanted to go home and he went up the stairs of his office. He turned himselve and said; you want to work here? If you feel like it, you can start tomorrow.....and then walked on.

I was only 17 years old and started working the next morning without knowing how or what ....... and 41 years later I am still there.

What are your duties?

I am responsible for incoming goods and warehouse management. I work with Isah7, our ERP system, to book the purchases in and issue the purchasing materials to be used for in the factory. 

Do you like your work? Do you like the technique?

Sure! Great, I enjoy a great deal of freedom and independence. The atmosphere is almost certainly just to be called good in one word.

What are your personal interests and hobbies outside of work?

As a soccer trainer they know me in the Ijssel region, even at Ajax they know me.

Ajax Breedenbroek haha.

Another anecdote or nice experience within Lentink that you would like to share with us?

Oh, I know that one. In Silvolde, who always sat during the break on the hump behind the company. There we could nicely look through the trees to see all the wildlife that was lying there sunbathing haha.

What would you like to pass on to Lentink's management?

Going further in particular on the chosen path, such as the last years after the takeover at the end of 2014. The company had already grown over the years, but in recent years it has started to develop positively and improve much faster. 

Do you have anything else to add?

Continue in this way so that people can stay with Lentink for a long time, just like me.

How would you recommend people outside of Lentink to opt for technology?

I have done LTS-B myself, but I learned a lot about my current position "on the job"

 As much and broad as possible and can be used anywhere in technology. You don't see it on the outside of a company, but everything happened at Lentink. Everything is possible to move forward and learn, as long as you want to work and learn. Let the young people see what we all make at Lentink. Let them look at our website.

Oh yes, what I wanted to say before I forget;

I still had our current director in my wheelbarrow on the construction of the factory in Silvolde, just like his little sister. As employees we had to help with the new building to save money .. that was still the case then. If I had emptied a full wheelbarrow, the boss's little son stepped in and we drove it back and forth like that....time goes fast at Lentink.

Now he is our big boss. Great isn't it...!