Plate assembly department

Working as a team

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Lina Reijntjes has been working with pleasure since the first of March 2018 in the assembly department.

Please Lina describe your work at Lentink.

My work is diverse and consists of, among other things, assembling various metal parts, whether or not powder-coated, which ultimately lead to an end product. For example a central heating boiler of known brands such as; Remeha, Atag, Bosch, Vaillant or Nefit. My daily activities may include; rivets, edges, quality controls, pasting, measuring, and assembling of various parts.

My work starts at half past seven with we have a break three times.

We finish our work at half past four. After I have clocked in our shopfloor system I can see exactly from hour to hour what my work is for that day.

What made you decide to work at Lentink Lina?

I started working at Lentink because the working atmosphere and order and neatness within the company appealed to me enormously. The working atmosphere is good among colleagues and together we produce a wide variety of beautiful products for our customers. You can experience that collegiality at Lentink is good because everyone wants to help each other, it is a real team per department.

We are all responsible for the quality that we jointly produce.

Are there rules of conduct within Lentink?

Within Lentink you must follow laws and regulations such as house rules, which we have jointly agreed. This makes it very pleasant for everyone to work at Lentink, a clear policy. You know what is expected of you.

Important within Lentink is following up processes, delivering quality, respecting each other and the environment. Being able to work securely and pragmatically and to be able to deal well with each other.