Press Department

Malte Ludiger is from Germany and is responsible for the hydraulic press department at Lentink.

How did you end up at Lentink? Was technology already advertised then? From school or else?

In 1998 I was looking for work through an employment agency that was looking for production staff. At Lentink I saw opportunities to further develop myself, so I opted for Lentink, also because it was already a clean company with enthusiastic colleagues.

I have developed internally in recent years and am now manager of the press department at Lentink. I am also involved in projects and improvement actions that must be realized in the factory. I also regularly provide advice and support to multiple departments within Lentink.

How long have you been working at Lentink?

I have been working at Lentink since February 2006. But actually for 20 years. I was away for a few years by private circumstances.

Why did you choose Lentink?

The first time I started working at Lentink I needed money and I had to start working. By proving myself I had a permanent appointment at Lentink within three months. The second time I went to work here, Daniel planned to make Lentink healthy again with the necessary future perspective in mind. Here I personally saw the opportunities for myself to develop further. In recent years I have been able to increase my passion and knowledge of technology because Lentink offers the possibility to follow internal and external training courses. Lentink also offers internal career opportunities so that you as a person can grow to a desired position in the company. Every day my work offers the necessary challenges. There are always various circumstances that require a pragmatic solution. Together with my team I have to ensure a perfectly planned production end. It never bored. A new challenge every day

What are your activities at Lentink?

I am in charge of the daily management of several colleagues and I regularly consult with the planning and various other departments within Lentink about the products to be produced. It is very versatile, including various computer work on and off the floor. I also have regular contact with the tool makers where we order our new tools.

How do you like your work? Do you like the technique?

Absolutely! As said, the technology and people make working interesting for me.

How is collegiality among each other? The atmosphere?

Toppie (thumbs up)

Create top products for our customers

The working atmosphere is good among colleagues and together we produce a wide variety of products. Lentink has 10,000 articles, 2,000 of which are compound articles. These are usually  end products for Lentink such as; Central heating boiler housings, fire reels or shower channels. The solidarity is great within Lentink, we all work with only one goal in mind; make top products for our customers with Zero defects. Everyone working at Lentink is responsible for his or her quality that we produce together. As a company, Lentink has a strong eye for a pleasant working environment, people are central and you can tell. Procedures are strictly followed within Lentink, as are safety inside and outside the company. We are certified in accordance with 9001 and 14001 and follow the processes as described in our quality manual.

Do you see the company improve and grow?

Since December 2014 following the acquisition by Daniël, we have seen the company make leaps and bounds to be even better than other companies as a whole. Achieving the lowest possible production costs with the highest possible performance remains pré at Lentink. Making quality, respecting each other and the environment, being able to work accurately and pragmatically and being able to deal well with our people is a matter of course at Lentink. We must work in a structured way to prevent errors as much as possible. Zero defects is our motto.

What are your personal interests and hobbies outside of work?

That is internet, going out and computer programming.

Another anecdote or nice experience within Lentink that you would like to share with us?

I met my current girlfriend at Lentink ...; 

What would you like to pass on to Lentink's management?

Promote Lentink more, so that those looking for a modern professional partner can also find us. Everyone who comes here is amazed by the entire factory, how clockwise it all runs here. Fast deliveries and a flexible attitude, we are customer focused. What more could a customer wish for and still for little money anyway. (He smiles hereby)

Do you have a personal wish?

I'm assuming a healthy future, so on to the next 60 years!

Look at the technique where you are sure of a job for now and in the future.