Quality service

The quality service checks the quality of a process, product or service according to established Standards.

My name is Patrick and I am the Quality Service Manager. (QA/QC)

How did you end up at Lentink? Was technology advertised?

I ended up at Lentink as a Saturday employee for cleaning the workplace together with a few other guys

When did you start at Lentink?

In the summer of 2015, I then started cleaning on Saturdays at Lentink in Varsseveld. These consisted of sweeping and mopping with the mopping machine of the entire work floor, including:

Then you apparently stayed with Lentink in view of your current position. Tell me more about it.

After my education in business administration, I started to orientate myself about what kind of job I would actually like and at which company, but I couldn't find what I had in mind. Then I got into conversation with both Daniël and Ron during that time and they suggested that I join Lentink, until I might find something else that I would really like to do. The company Lentink was familiar to me, and after starting in the process optimization department, Ron came up with the proposal to further develop the Lentink Quality Manual digitally with him. And one thing led to another. Six months later I liked it so much that I was prepared to set up the QA department further qualitatively for Lentink. After obtaining our Platinum certificate for CSR at Ecovadis, it was still a small step to also take on QC as part of my work. Having been supported by the management of Lentink from the very beginning, I now feel like a fish in water. We are currently working together to have a permanent team of enthusiastic people man the Quality Department. Managing the team is also a fun activity. Every day there are things that need to be picked up and then recorded. Procedures are also worked out in detail.

Tell me more about that.

Every day I and my colleagues ensure and control the processes inside and outside Lentink, which help ensure that products can be produced qualitatively in accordance with specifications and processes. Every day we aim to have production run qualitatively according to TS 16949 within Lentink. That is a daily goal that we all have to achieve as an organization within Lentink. That is a great challenge that has been imposed on us.

How do you like your work? Do you like the technology at Lentink?

I like the work perfectly. I fit my position in the Lentink organization like a puzzle piece and felt at the right place from day one at the Quality Service. Especially the variety of people and the different daily items ensure that you have to be able to switch a lot and I find that beautiful and challenging.

What do you think of your workplace?

It is a clean company where everything you can think of is present. If it is not available, this can be discussed with the management to purchase it after all. It's also close to my hometown for me, so that's a nice side effect

How is the collegiality among each other? The atmosphere?

The friendliness and the family feeling are a very important point within this company.

Our owner director is one of us, and we are one of him and that's nice to work with. It is really one big team within Lentink where you are easily included as a newcomer. Together with my colleagues, we ensure that everyone with quality-related matters is served as quickly as possible.

Another anecdote or nice experience within Lentink that you would like to share with us?

I've never seen the director of a company of this great size sit on the sweeper and mop truck and really move among the people on the work floor. He knows every person's name and how the flag hangs, unbelievable. Our organization is really a flat system with a straightforward culture in the organization, there is no getting around it. Really beautiful and honest, but also sometimes confrontational. We really work here in an improvement culture.

What would you recommend to Lentink's management?

Keep it up and hold the growth in its entirety. I would like to continue to contribute to even greater success. Well, try to get more different products as orders, we have more than enough capacity in house, both in terms of capacity and specialists in the field of deep drawing, metal forming and automation.

Do you see the company improving and growing?

Continue to improve and invest, etc. Ever since I started at Lentink, I have often been surprised. Daniël has really turned a standard metal company into a beautiful European international company. Both inside and outside he has given the company a new modern jacket with few resources