Trainee sales department

Trainee: Someone who is still in training and needs experience or wants to acquire the knowledge or skills that are needed in later professional life.

How did you end up at Lentink? Was technology already advertised then? From school or else?

Through personal advice from my father I put myself in contact with Jeroen Gesink van Lentink (HRM) to ask if they had an internship for me. I really wanted to do an internship at a metal company like Lentink. It really is much nicer at Lentink than I had previously thought.

It's really much better at Lentink than I thought beforehand.

How long have you been doing an internship at Lentink now?

I am currently doing an internship at Lentink for 4 months. It is going fast here.

Why did you choose Lentink?

Through the website and my father I could see that Lentink works with the latest techniques and is a professional organization where I think you can learn a lot.

What are your learning assignments at Lentink?

Learn to set up calculations, learn to read drawing and become acquainted with various sales activities

How do you like the internship location and work? Do you like the technology at Lentink?

Very well, I am really enjoying myself here. Feel very free and appreciated here at Lentink and the colleagues are all very friendly. They involve me in daily activities. Highly recommended as an internship.

What do you think of your workplace?

I quickly felt like a newcomer to the team, just as if I am one of them. Very pleasant.

How is collegiality among each other? The atmosphere?

In a few catchwords; cozy, fun, educational and a positive bustle. It is very educational but you have to tackle it. You are really encouraged.

It is very educational, but you have to tackle it. You are really encouraged

What are your personal interests and hobbies outside of work?

Motorcycles and metal technology are my hobbies.

Another anecdote or nice experience within Lentink that you would like to share with us?

We recently went to the Graafschap with a couple of boys from Lentink, look at that, what I mean is being included in the team while I'm just an intern.

What would you like to recommend to the management of Lentink regarding the internship?

I would not know, I have been perfectly received here as  one of their. I have experienced that differently from; what are you doing here?

Do you have a personal wish?

Continue successfully as in the last three years!

How would you recommend people outside of Lentink to opt for technology?

The technology needs a lot of people so you are sure of a job in a nice challenging environment. You get paid well. Learn on location and make sure that you can do an internship at a company such as Lentink, then you will learn a lot and have the chance to be hired at a great employer with many future opportunities for you.