Trainee tool maker

Trainee: Someone who is still in training and needs experience or wants to acquire the knowledge or skills that are needed in later professional life.

Work and follow a course with great enthusiasm.

Teun Schinkelshoek is 18 years old and is doing an internship at Lentink.

How did you end up at Lentink?

The Graafschap College appealed to me a lot at the school market. I am busy with my education in group C middle engineering. At school we are challenged to assemble difficult products and get them working. So because the school introduced me to Lentink.

How long have you been working at Lentink?

A few months now, but time goes fast here.

Why did you choose Lentink?

Nice company that feels for me if I have been working and working for years.

What are your activities at Lentink?

What actually not? I can actually do anything in the tool shop. I have my own supervisor who tells me everything, shows it and explains it.

How do you like the internship location and work? Do you like the technology at Lentink?

A must for anyone who wants to work in a nice company without nonsense. Here everyone is equal, really nice.

What do you think of your workplace?

I work in a very practical way and as a result I learn a lot that I would not learn at school. Lentink does not advertise itself at schools, but I would do so because then other young people also know what great businesses in the technology are like Lentink. I am very happy with it.

How is collegiality among each other? The atmosphere?

Very nice and a lot of freedom for your own input at Lentink in the tool shop. It just feels good.

What are your personal interests and hobbies outside of work?

Broad interest in the technology, I am always working on it at home.

Another anecdote or nice experience within Lentink that you would like to share with us?

I'm really enjoying myself here.

What would you like to recommend to the management of Lentink?

At Lentink you get a reimbursement and that is great. You don't get that with everyone. Advertising in schools for your company so that young people can find Lentink. Create beautiful papers, go through departments at Lentink. Well, there is so much more possible within Lentink, it's here an large amusement park for enthusiastic technical people.

It's here an large amusement park for enthusiastic technical people.

Do you also have a personal remark?

The company is old in origin, but as a whole new and ready for the future, keep it up. Certainly with the investments they are constantly making to give young people a chance to use technical machines.

How would you recommend young outside Lentink to opt for technology?

If you like doing something with your hands, don't sit behind a screen, you will die. Technology is alive, so go for it like me, in a clean and modern company where you are sure of a nice job against a good payment.